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April 2, 2010

The battle lines have been drawn.

The fight between water and ice is underway.

The 2010 version of Lake Vermilion ice-out is off to a very fast start.  So fast in fact we may be headed for a date that will beat all previously recorded ice-out dates.

At this writing many of the smaller bays are already ice free.  Jammer Lake (a small lake located south of Lake Vermilion) is open and ice free.  That’s a prerequisite event for Lake Vermilion.

Will the above average March temperatures and lack of snow fall provide fodder for climate change commentary?

A few weeks ago a report that noted 48 of the 50 US states had some degree of snow cover caught the attention of a few climate change skeptics.  At the other end of the issue is this trend, provided by UCAR, that may reinforce the evidence that our planet is getting warmer.

At Lake Vermilion, on this date, it’s a fact that our 2010 winter weather season has been cut short… very short.

The ice out record set on April 10, 1945 is going to fall.

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