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May 18, 2010

It’s popular these days to enhance the appeal of your service or product by claiming it is environmentally-friendly, aka “green”.

The list of our newly green products is endless. It includes everything from cars to shower curtains.

Evidence of our newly discovered need to be increasingly green can be found on National Geographic’s Green Guide, within the political mission of the Green Party, and at the center of all things green, Green.org.

Although it may be argued that some of these “green” initiatives might have a negligible impact on the planet… we might all agree that such efforts are worthwhile and a step, however small, in the right direction.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a nice reference page that will direct you to a wide variety of stewardship related topics. Visit that site here.

I suppose it may also be argued there is no people-based activity that can be truly “green”.  Does our Earthly occupancy always impact the natural world in a non-green, unnatural direction?

These meandering thoughts are the result of a recent walk I took into an old, abandoned farmstead. This car was in the yard.  It might be said that this car is now going green.

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