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Freezing Up And Winding Down.

November 29, 2010

Lake Vermilion is slowly progressing towards winter ice up.  (See it here.)  The local real estate market follows a parallel path with slowing activity and reduced Buyer and Seller interaction.

The coming winter months are regarded as a time of dormancy in the natural world.  Confirmation of that is easily found as one stands in the middle of a frozen lake with subzero temperatures and a brisk northerly breeze.  There’s not much going on!

In the real estate world Buyers and Sellers should not concede these darkened days to hibernation.  Why?  Because serious Buyers and Sellers should use this time for preparation.  Buyers can educate themselves to the opportunities and values in their market and properties of interest.  Sellers can refine their property presentation and plan a strategy to a successful sale.

So plan ahead!

The days get longer in about 3 weeks.

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