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January Purge.

January 20, 2011

As we progress into the 2011 calendar year it will be very interesting to see how the Lake Vermilion real estate market performs. If you’re the type that believes in the power of a trend then 2011 should see additional recovery.  2010 saw a 139% increase in Lake Vermilion sales over 2009. If that improvement repeats in the coming year there would be 70 completed sales transactions.  That’s an activity level close to the fondly remembered 2005 market year!

I will try to keep you up to date as we progress into the year.

January is always a good time to do a little tidying up. Things accumulate.  I can’t explain why.   But it’s been a while since I scrubbed the ol’ desktop and this stuff has gotta go. Maybe you will find some value in the following. Or not.

It’s mid-winter and you’re cooped up with the spouse.  Drive him or her to the brink with this sinewave synthesizer.  If you’re a semi-serious bicyclist and an iPod/iPhone user check out this wireless cycling computer.  With the thought that someday I would own a few of my own… here’s an article about backyard chickens and their connection to human emotions and interactions.  Do you enjoy social media?  Tweet to your hearts content with this list of 168 geeky media people you could follow on Twitter.  This website allows you to track and search all registered U.S. patents.  Minnesota Twins fans will recall this event as one of the worst foul ball calls ever made by a professional umpire.  And finally, this item could qualify as a novelty holiday stocking stuffer with a hint of practicality.

If you’re buying or selling in 2011, please drop me a note!

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