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This Month.

March 21, 2011

Let’s take a quick vote.

Raise your hand if March is your least favorite month of the year.

Just as expected.

It might be argued that March become optional because March is the month when Winter won’t stop and Spring won’t start. We should not have to tolerate this excruciatingly slow annual transition.  March predictably squanders every opportunity to deliver the goods.

The presence of today’s Winter Storm Watch offers additional confirmation of how March lacks compassion for us Winter weary residents.  It’s kind of a road salt in the wound sort of thing.

An optimist would have us note that the only possible direction from the bottom is up.  The day is coming when we can trade that shovel for a paddle, the woodpile for a BBQ grill, and the lip balm for the sunscreen.

So brush off the albatross that is March and plan a trip to the lake.

It’s almost April… 10 days and counting.

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