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Worth Repeating.

May 11, 2011

This probably goes without saying and I may have said it before but…

If you consider yourself a serious Buyer you have, most likely, spent a fair amount of time searching for buying opportunities via online resources.  If you use this web site, I appreciate your patronage.

I believe time spent in online research is invaluable for all Buyers.  I also believe the abundance of market and listing information can be overwhelming.

I get a semi-common request from Buyers.  It normally goes something like this… “We know our wants and needs.  We have selected a list of properties that might be of interest.  Would you provide additional information and insight for each property on our selected list?”

That’s a very reasonable request because active real estate brokers (in any market) certainly have the tools, knowledge of the local market, and access to information to help you make a final buying decision.

If you’re actively refining and editing your property list, please send me a note or give me a call.  I am, obviously, happy help you make an informed and comfortable buying decision.

Knowledge builds enthusiasm!

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