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The Happiest People In Real Estate.

June 9, 2011

A less than healthy real estate marketplace is a powerful force whose direction and speed is not easily altered.

And within the current anemic market there is frustration and anxiety that is shared by both Buyers and Sellers.  A real estate business person, like myself, often has the perspective to appreciate, understand, and maybe even empathize with the positions of both sides.

There is a group within this market who are content with their position.  Who are these satisfied people?  How have they found this happy place within the real estate market?

Maybe it’s not surprising but these happy and satisfied people are Buyers who have bought.

I have first hand knowledge of this.  It’s pretty much a predictable story.

Successful buyers are happy because they followed through.  They put a plan together, they stayed on task, and they met their goal.

These folks were not overly concerned about the right timing, the absolute best value, or perfect circumstances.  They did their homework, they put in the time, they made decisions, they acted, and they moved on.

They are happy because they have replaced the challenging process of real estate buying with time spent with family and friends at their new cabin, home, or land.

I wish happiness upon everyone involved in our local real estate market!

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