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Eggs, Chickens, & Real Estate.

August 23, 2011

Does blogging beget real estate brokering or does real estate brokering beget blogging?

That certainly is a “chicken and egg” type question with no real answer.  (It did allow for the rare use of the word “beget“, however.)

It is fair to say that the lack of posting activity is related to the level of real estate sales activity.  It’s tough to post when you’re mostly out of doors.

I’ve traveled to a trahugeous number of cabins, homes,  lake shore lots, and vacant acreage of the past few weeks.  Out of the office tours can involve numerous assignments.  Most commonly, outdoor time means 1)  servicing a Seller’s listing  2) previewing a potential new listing  3) touring a group of Buyer selected properties 4)  or doing a walkthrough prior to a successful closing  5) among others.

I’ve often compared the real estate business to farming.  When the eggs are in the nest you have to do the gathering.

There are better blogging days ahead.  This summertime activity will certainly produce wintertime real estate stories and insights.

So… thanks, again, for your continued patronage.  And special thanks to the visitor who found LakeVermilionRealEstate.com by searching the internet for “Can I keep chickens in Pengilly, Minnesota?

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