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A Friday Note Or Two.

November 11, 2011

A few last minute Friday notes:

1)  Here’s a quick graph that shows year to date lake shore sales on select Lake Vermilion area lakes.  The impact of Lake Vermilion’s size, location, and notoriety are evident. (Information is sourced from the local MLS service.)

2)  The local Minnesota Whitetail Deer season is underway and the success rate of area hunters is below average.  Not surprisingly, this issue appears to have had minimal impact on the overall social aspect of hunter activity.

3)  On a technical note, Google has “improved” their RSS feed service called Google Reader.  The “improvements”, which are an attempt to enhance Google’s social networking efforts, no longer allow sharing of selected web content.  Therefore, the “Lake Vermilion News” feed, on the left side of this webpage, will not update until Google’s “improvements” are unimproved or another feed is found to replace the former Google service.

Update: The LVRE.com webmaster has restored “Lake Vermilion News” with a creative workaround. News articles are now posted via WordPress.  Those selected articles are now sourced from a replacement non-Google RSS feed reader. Google that, Google. (Thanks, Than.)

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