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Snow Me Please.

December 29, 2011

We should feel fortunate.

The Lake Vermilion area does have some snow.  The ground cover is white.  The amount of snow, unfortunately, is not adequate for most outdoor Winter activities.

To confirm the situation, the National Ice Center website offers a gibongous amount of information on the world’s ice and snow conditions including a 31 day looped animation of North America.  Those images reveal how little snow cover has accumulated beyond Northeastern Minnesota.  The Lake Vermilion Resorts website offers a semi-optimistic view of the current and future trail conditions with these tweeted words:

“The good news – it snowed some yesterday, and we are expecting another inch or more today.  The bad news – all trails continue to be ungroomed or closed. There is about 5 inches of snow in the best locations.  The 10 day forecast calls for at least a chance of snow everyday. As soon as we have enough snow on the trails, the groomers will be out.  We will let you know as soon as that happens!”

Giant’s Ridge Recreational Area touts the fact that “they have more snow than any place in Minnesota” with great ski and snowboard conditions.

It’s good to remember that the Winter season is only 8 days old.  We have plenty of time to make up for a slow start.  I think most area residents and visitors would enjoy more snow as soon as it’s available.

Let it snow.


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