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Absolute Zero.

January 19, 2012

Absolute zero is -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.  I looked it up.  (The complete explanation of absolute zero is technical and complicated but most would understand it as the temperature when “everything stops”.)

It appears that absolute zero for the local real estate market is much warmer than -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.  As witnessed on this day when the local outdoor temperature dropped to a paltry -24 degrees Fahrenheit and, by all standard measurements, real estate activity stopped.

That’s OK.  We can file such days under the category of “winter entitlement”.

Actually, for clarification, all real estate activity stopped except for those efforts conducted from warm spaces via electronic means.

The real estate market can still twitch with activity despite these weather conditions.  Productivity is possible at low temperatures from interior confines while watching the sun rise over and lake and through the pines, with a woodstove churning in the background, a warm cup of coffee at hand , and a persistent cat planted on the lap.

Our world offers instant notice of statements, advisories, watches, or warnings related to cold weather.  The weatherman is right to offer cautious advise for conditions where “flesh can freeze within minutes”.  Maybe such days should be viewed as an opportunity to adapt and enjoy the limiting circumstances.  It’s really all we can do.

And… there’s nothing like it in August.

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