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A Blow To The Midsection.

May 6, 2012

Since I have pushed much of the content on the ol’ website to the left and right sidebars, I find it increasingly difficult to fill this center section of each page.  The Pic of the Day , Lake Vermilion Area News, and the current listing links get a pretty regular feeding.

But… this mid-section has kind of become the Rodney Dangerfield portion of Lake Vermilion Real Estate dot com.

In years past, during the months of Spring, this area would be filled with notes on perennial topics.  A few examples would include the reemergence of the Cowslips, the spawning run of the Crappie, and a chorus of the local Spring Peepers… just to name a few.

It’s time to dream up some new midsection content.  I have an idea or two.  Do you have any suggestions?

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