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Spring Is A Lot Like Winter.

April 16, 2013

Have you had a recent conversation about the continuing winter weather?  I’m guessing you have.

The woods is white with snow and the lake is full of solid ice.  And it’s mid April.  I believe, however, that many of the locals, with shrugged acceptance of the power of Mother Nature, retain their ever optimistic expectation for an eventual time when Spring-like weather will finally arrive.

In these parts the bellweather event for the end of Winter is that day when Lake Vermilion becomes ice-free.  If we were in a typical year that day would occur in about 2 weeks (at the end of the month of April).  It’s a pretty safe bet that’s not going to happen.

So… with an average ice-out date unlikely let’s make 2012-2013 memorable with a recording breaking year!  That means we need ice on the lake until May 24th.  (Per Lakevermilion.com, Lake Vermilion’s latest ice-out date was May 23rd in 1950.)

So… let’s hear it!  May 24th!  May 24th!  May 24th!

(OK.  I agree.  April 30th!  April 30th!  April 30th!)

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