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Once Again.

May 31, 2012

I can feel it.  Deja vu.  June 1st deja vu.

There’s a tipping point the ol’ brain subtly detects at this exact time of year.  It’s a predicable event for me and maybe for you, too..  It’s tied to the natural world.  It’s part deep blue water, rich green landscape, warm sunshine, dogs on the grill, and kids in the lake.

It’s the start of summer… summer on the lake.

The coming months offer the best reasons to be at or in the water.  This is the time to make that long considered decision to become a lake person.  It’s time to flip that coin.  Make that call. Throw that caution to the wind.

I know others who have decided to decide at this time of year.  And… I know they’re happy they did because I wrote about it one year ago.

Deja vu.

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